The SAIRA Portal Real-time Search

Your citizens can easily search and access public information on the City’s website through data organization from various agencies and departments.

Instant results in real-time

Citizens can input specific addresses to find a history of public documents, based on what the City Clerk’s Office has made public. This can include information about business licenses, building permits, code violations, public meetings and more. They can also access various relevant municipal codes.

Data Organization

SAIRA takes all interdepartmental data from legacy and incoming systems to consolidate and find within the touch of a button.

Configurable Search Results

City staff can easily configure search results and filter facets in accordance with available data. Staff can also highlight information making it easy to target an audience for better clarity.

Reduce Public Records Requests by 50%


Trending Searches data – The landing page can provide dynamic suggestions based on trending inquiries and metric. It can also display configurable statistics based off or SAIRA’s intelligent analytics engine.


Document Search

Instant Search Results – A list of matching records will appear with the selected/unselected facets. Note: Results will only include documents the city has made publicly available for citizens.


View / Download Document

PDF of Document – Citizens can view selected documents by clicking on the blue button next to each document title. A pop-up window appears for easy review.

Option to Download file – Citizens can easily download the PDF file. An image or other documents will download automatically to their machine. A website link or Municode will open in a new tab.


Intuitive Response

If no results appear from search, SAIRA automatically provides a similar wording suggestion based on the most trending match to help the citizen refine their search.


Digital Public Records Request Options

If citizens are not able to access the public information they are searching for, SAIRA offers the following Public Records Request PRR options:

  • SAIRA can easily integrate with PRR software providers
  • SAIRA offers an easy-to-use PRR software solution.
    • Automated notification and visible tracking
    • Transparent assignment and workflow
    • Key matrix report to City Manager and Council