September 7, 2021

Reflections on Providing Instant Transparency to Citizens

By David Chung, Vice President of Products, Edgesoft, Inc.

It has been around 6 months since I have joined Edgesoft, and I just wanted to share my overall thoughts on the journey thus far and areas that I personally have found interesting.

It was exciting working on the latest technology trends that you hear in the news and see on the market. I think the pandemic really put things into focus for me and how I would be able to apply my experience and knowledge to help people. That is where SAIRA came into the picture.

EdgeSoft’s focus has always been about providing instant transparency to citizens. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what that meant when I first joined the company. The only thing that was on my mind was that I would never use a government’s website to search for anything I was looking for. I think this is why SAIRA speaks to so many city officials, because they understand the frustrations of a regular resident like myself. There are so many different data points and information that are spread across any city’s agencies, that even with the technology, it’s just a huge feat to consolidate all of it into one access point. That combined with the legacy systems and new systems just makes this a big, tangled ball of yarn.

It’s at that point that when I truly started to understand the benefits of SAIRA and how it could provide instant, accurate information for regular citizens such as myself. Especially with COVID and information that needs to be updated on a regular basis, citizens are looking for a portal for all information related to the government.

Knowing what I know about the power of SAIRA, I am eager to engage with different city clerks and staff to really understand their needs to meet new requirements. I believe we can build a great framework to meet those needs. We are in the process of continuously incorporating new requirements for existing partners that we are collaborating with, as well as with new city agencies who are actively looking for different methodologies of civic engagement. I believe this a great time for city leaders to take this initiative and I would love to have an opportunity for a more detailed discussion with city staff about how EdgeSoft and SAIRA might be able to transform your city’s approach to improving information accessibility and data for your citizens.

Thanks for reading!

David is a tech enthusiast who grew up in Los Angeles before moving to the South Korea, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked across multiple Machine and Deep Learning software solutions. He now commutes between Southern California and Phoenix where he continues to be excited to play a part in bringing the latest technology trends to this local government.