Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAIRA?

SAIRA is a multi-faceted but easy-to-use search engine portal created specifically for local and state government. It is designed to deliver instant transparency and access of public records and information to citizens safely and securely on their city’s own website.

How Does SAIRA function?

SAIRA efficiently scans and links multiple data sources from across all city departments, eliminating information / public records silos, creating efficiencies within city offices while providing instant transparency and access to information for all of the city’s residents.

Think of SAIRA like your favorite search engine that is tailored specifically for Government entities and a citizen’s unique needs.

We already have a search function on our website, how is SAIRA different?

SAIRA will work together with your existing search function to additionally connect data sources from across all city departments. This includes information stored in document storage or databases which are usually not picked up by your standard search tool. Additionally, SAIRA will provide the user with intelligent filtering to get the results you are looking for.

Our document storage system isn’t supported by SAIRA, will the product still function?

Yes. The web search will work for every agency from launch.

How should documents be prepared before being uploaded to SAIRA?

Unlike document storage systems, SAIRA requires no tagging or prep work to add files to the searchable index. Simply tell us the location of the files that are available for public consumption and our software will take care of the rest. Our technology can scan documents for keywords so manually tagging is not required by your staff.

What information does SAIRA search for?

SAIRA can search for any type of publicly available information across every data source. This includes Council meeting minutes, agendas, bulletins, financials and permits. SAIRA can also navigate to external links such as department websites or municipal code libraries.

What information sources are supported?

The current version of SAIRA can search through the following information sources:

  • Web Pages on your city/county site
  • Municipal codes from your site or 3rd party vendor
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems – Laser fiche
  • In-House File Folders hosted on internal servers

New ECMs, municipal code vendors, and cloud storage providers are constantly being added.

We recently upgraded our IT suite and don’t want to transfer our files to a new software platform. Can SAIRA still operate?

SAIRA does not replace any existing software systems; it makes them more efficient and user friendly. SAIRA scans through all information sources and presents search results in one location, helping you get the most of your existing software.

Does SAIRA store any of our files online?

No, SAIRA only stores the metadata of the files. We do not keep copies of the data, only the location of where to find them.

How does SAIRA access an organization’s information?

SAIRA is always connected to data sources and keeps refreshing in real time to make sure the information is the most recent.

I want to enroll in SAIRA, how do I sign up?

Click here to connect with one of our representatives to begin the process.

Client’s Testimonials

“SAIRA has increased the speed, reliability, and credibility of our document search process.”

Timothy Hou

Deputy City Manager City of San Fernando, CA

“With COVID-19, virtual city hall is a necessity for every community. SAIRA is a game-changer to make this a reality!”

Jose Pulido

20 years of CA city management

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