Solving the Need for Easier Access to Public Information

Citizens across America are demanding more transparency, easier, faster and more convenient access to information and records from their local governmental than ever before. Add the impact of COVID-19 social distancing protocols limiting in-person interactions, the need for safe and secure remote access to local government services has become even greater. Not only for the welfare of a city’s citizens, but also for their staff.

This new normal is the inspiration for the creation of SAIRA. Created by EdgeSoft, Inc., a software solutions company with over 20 years’ experience working with state and local government agencies across the United States, SAIRA is a multi-faceted search tool designed to deliver safe and immediate access to public information and records remotely to citizens directly from their city’s own website.

SAIRA utilizes a unique Business Intelligence technology engineered specifically for local government use. Requesters enter in a few key words and SAIRA goes to work, quickly searching all key public access city databases. Requestors are able to narrow the results through filters, instantly receiving a comprehensive list of related responses. Requestors can then review, download or print any of the documents. If they can’t find the information or records they are seeking, an automated public record request link becomes available.

The outcome, immediately transparent, real-time results available directly to citizens without the hassle or concerns of going into city government agency offices. Improving agency efficiencies, reducing costs and protecting staff from the hazards of in-person interactions. The city’s website becomes a “Virtual City Hall” for their citizens, available 24/7.

Find out how SAIRA can deliver transparent, real-time search results directly to your citizens. Saving your city time and money.

The Future of Instant Transparency for Cities is Here


What is the SAIRA Portal?

The SAIRA Portal is an easy-to-use online search engine portal created specifically for city and local government. SAIRA delivers immediate access to information safely and securely via a city’s own website, providing transparency for all the city’s residents.


How SAIRA Works

Using cutting edge AI technology, SAIRA efficiently scans and links multiple data sources from across city departments. Requesters enter a few key words and SAIRA goes to work searching and connecting all key public access city databases.


Benefits to Local Government and Their Citizens

A city’s website becomes a 24/7 “Virtual City Hall” for their residents making real-time results available directly to citizens without going into city offices. By eliminating information silos, SAIRA improves efficiencies by saving time and lowering costs, while reducing the number Public Records Requests.



Creates a Virtual City Hall

SAIRA enables citizens to find and access information and/or public records easier and more conveniently by visiting their city’s own website without in-person interactions.


Connects Data Across All City Departments

SAIRA efficiently scans and links multiple data sources from across all city departments, eliminating information / public records silos, creating efficiencies within city offices.


Enables Instant Access to Information

SAIRA makes real-time results available directly to citizens, creating more inviting and accessible interactions with their city. This transparency leads to trust in government.

What Customers Are Saying About SAIRA

“SAIRA has increased the speed, reliability, and credibility of our document search process.”

Timothy Hou

Deputy City Manager City of San Fernando, CA

“With COVID-19, virtual city hall is a necessity for every community. SAIRA is a game-changer to make this a reality!”

Jose Pulido

20 years of CA city management

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