Find out how SAIRA can deliver transparent, real-time search results directly to your citizens. Saving your city time and money.



Creates a Virtual City Hall

SAIRA enables citizens to find and access information and/or public records easier and more conveniently by visiting their city’s own website without in-person interactions.


Connects Data Across All City Departments

SAIRA efficiently scans and links multiple data sources from across all city departments, eliminating information / public records silos, creating efficiencies within city offices.


Enables Instant Access to Information

SAIRA makes real-time results available directly to citizens, creating more inviting and accessible interactions with their city. This transparency leads to trust in government.

Early Reviews From Our Clients

“SAIRA has increased the speed, reliability, and credibility of our document search process.”

Timothy Hou

Deputy City Manager City of San Fernando, CA

“With COVID-19, virtual city hall is a necessity for every community. SAIRA is a game-changer to make this a reality!”

Jose Pulido

20 years of CA city management

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